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Joxa123, 2019-09-11 19:09:14

100% CPU usage in task manager is not there, how to remove the virus?

I caught a virus and now the CPU usage is 100%. in the task manager in the "processes" column "cp" disappeared, I can not find what file it is. Also, because of the virus, I can’t install the antivirus so that it solves the problems (I haven’t used the antivirus for more than a year). what to do? who faced it.

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Ezhyg, 2019-09-11

in the task manager in the "processes" column "CPU" disappeared

Well, turn it on yourself, discover the ability to add columns of interest!
Use third-party task managers, for example, I always recommend - Process Explorer by Sysinternals
Plus a very useful program to remove the autorun entries of this "virus" - autoruns by Sysinternals
And it’s not good to drive an infected computer for how much in vain, giving the “virus” time to do its dirty deeds. Try booting into safe mode if the virus has not robbed this feature. If you screw up, boot from live flash drives, disks. Or learn to manually kill, it's not difficult, really.

Ronald McDonald, 2019-09-11

Boot into some CureIt LiveCD and scan from it. Kaspersky has an analogue.

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