sevmax2010-09-17 17:16:20
network hardware
sevmax, 2010-09-17 17:16:20

1 Gbps router for home?

Recommend a 1 Gbps router for the home, which honestly gives out 1000 megabits when exchanging between local computers.

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Sergey, 2010-09-17

Catalyst 6500. That's it. Honestly, gigabit skips, checked.

fenrirgray, 2010-09-17

If you need to exchange between local computers, then maybe you need a switch? Routers are a little bit not designed for that ...
If so, for example, here - www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=x60nmeg2H7ish227&templete=2.
Well, further from the same category 11xx there, see for yourself which one suits you best.

ultimate_darkness, 2010-09-18

Airport Extreme !

casey, 2010-09-18

Lynksys has models with a gigabit network - both with and without wi-fi

thevery, 2010-09-19

Netgear WNDR3700, especially need fast wifi-N

ShadowMaster, 2010-09-17

Switch + good 100Mbps router. It will be seriously cheaper than a gigabit router.

Dm Po, 2010-09-18

Here is your variant I think))
Plague and not a router for home))

n1tra, 2010-09-19

Indeed, the issue is the need for 802.11n.
For example, I have the following scheme:
A gigabit is wired around the apartment, everything is connected to a switch.
The switch is connected to ASUS Wl500gP and D-Link DFL-210.
Accordingly, 802.11g is enough from a laptop to watch a movie / surf.
If you need speed, I connect it with a cable to the nearest outlet, one fig, it turns out faster by wire
:) gigabit switch, the configuration will be more flexible and more reliable than using a "combine".

Lazer1999, 2010-09-18

Asus RT-N16 ( here is its description )
They just need to buy it abroad - in the Russian Federation they ask for unreal money for it (around 6-7 sput)

FilimoniC, 2013-03-23


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