waarwaaruss2021-08-06 16:26:16
waarwaaruss, 2021-08-06 16:26:16

1) Automatically change the name of the pictures. 2) No links. How to solve it?

Hello. There are 2 problems associated with the site on Bitrix.
1) When you upload pictures with a certain name, they automatically change to a name like this "f866f52f33f59f8e366482623b8dd47a.jpg". The name must not be changed.
2) When you type in a keyword\phrase in the search field and click on search, no links are created except for domain.com/search. Naturally, you will not throw such a link to anyone, because it is empty and with an error. How to fix it?

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Alexander, 2021-08-06

1. Settings - Product settings - Module settings - Main module: Save original names of uploaded

PetrPo, 2021-08-06

The first question was answered. According to the second - it is necessary that the input where the request is entered should have the attribute name="q"

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