Anastasia2020-06-27 22:04:26
Anastasia, 2020-06-27 22:04:26

How to interact with response and inline Keyboard?

Hello. There is a bot to which you write the full name of a certain person and his year of birth, and in response you receive data on this person from the database. I need to make it possible to put a beacon on a person that will send a message if the information on the person changes. The lighthouse itself is there and it works - there are no problems in this. The catch is in the very request for a beacon. It looks like this:

Информация по Константин Иннокентьевич Кашпировский 01.01.1970
инлайн кнопка **Следить за изменениями**

How can I send a tracking request to an inline button? It would be possible to shove this into the button data, but the size of this full name is 83 bytes, and Telegram has a limit of 64 bytes. That is, you need to somehow convey: "Follow Konstantin Innokentevich Kashpirovsky 01/01/1970". I have an assumption that I am looking at the wrong steppe and this is done somehow easier.

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Anastasia, 2020-12-24

I answer myself from the future)))
when you click on the inline button, a request comes from the cart, in which there is a message text from where the button was pressed. You need to parse this cart request and get the message.

BasiC2k, 2020-06-27

The decision arises that the ID of the person from the database should be indicated in the button command.

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