Lvan2262019-12-01 12:35:53
Lvan226, 2019-12-01 12:35:53

Animation issues in Safari?

There is a site lvan-dyadyura.ru , on it on iPhones in safari where on the button in the footer there is a glare like this 5de3891741d48569196010.jpegThat is, it simply does not move, and where the arrow in lvan-dyadyura.ru/#sevenPage of the seventh section does not move either. The problem is that I can’t test the layout myself, I don’t have an iPhone, I tried all sorts of emulators, there’s generally game. Are there solutions?

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Ivan Bogachev, 2019-12-01

on iPhones

Both lagging animations are just related to pseudo-elements. It makes sense to replace them with regular div elements.

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