Vladislav2014-03-25 01:02:32
Vladislav, 2014-03-25 01:02:32

AngularJs - how to solve the problem with modal window and data binding?

What should happen:
when choosing a picture, a modal (bootstrap window) should appear with this picture itself,
and the ability to edit it (i.e. Jcrop angularJs), followed by sending this picture to the Json server, for example (you can simply transfer the same picture ( i.e. entirely) and coordinates).
How it works at the moment, a window opens (after selecting a picture), but there is no picture or even links to it (perhaps this is due to the fact that compilation takes place at the time the page is loaded, and the photo is already selected after the user) and all internal blocks in modal-bodies are hidden in addition (something like the ng-hidden class is hung).
Has anyone encountered a similar issue, please share?

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Alexander Khirenko, 2014-03-25

Here, read, it should help if the problem is in the compilation

Alexander Khirenko, 2014-03-25

Firstly, they confuse manipulations with the DOM in the controller, it's not "angular" :)
Secondly, use UI Bootstrap and I don't think you will have such problems.

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