Maxim2017-12-27 12:22:52
Maxim, 2017-12-27 12:22:52

Angular + WordPress Rest Api resource to learn?

Can you please tell me what are the sensible resources for learning Angular + WP Rest Api?
Because what I found, mostly all in pieces.
I have experience working with WP and Angular separately, but here's how to sensibly combine them...
As far as I understand:

it all starts like this :)

1. Разворачивается локальный сервер (использую xampp).
2. Отправляется туда Wordpress
3. Отправляем в папку wp-content/pluging -> rest-api
4. По необходимости в wp-content/pluging ставим -> SQLite Inegration

And then a stupor ...
1. A new theme is created and Angular is put there or vice versa, first install Angular, then unpack WP 2 into the admin folder (for example)
2. Or there is a ready-made theme for Angular + WP
3. How to build it all later
4 What exactly to send to the host, etc.
Thank you!

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